Welcome to the Nontarget effects of Bt crops database, hosted by NCEAS.

The database includes details of the methods and results for a large number of studies that have assessed the effects upon nontarget invertebrates of crops transformed with genes derived from Bacillus thuringiensis to express one or more Cry proteins. The creation of this database was supported by EPA grant CR-83214701 ("Evidence-based risk analysis: learning from our experiences with genetically-modified crops") awarded to Michelle Marvier and Peter Kareiva.

Where to go from here...

  • Read a quick overview of the database.

  • Access the complete metadata (opens in a new window). This document contains detailed descriptions of each column of the downloaded data file. It also includes further explanations about the methods we used to create this database.

  • Query the database using pull-down menus for study type, crop species, trait, response variable, and the functional group and taxonomic group of nontarget organisms. The query engine returns a list of studies that fit all of the user-specified criteria. Users can then download a comma-separated text file containing either the full literature citations or all of the data associated with the returned studies.

  • Download the archived data used in these publications:

    Marvier, M., C. McCreedy, J. Regetz, and P. Kareiva. (2007) A meta-analysis of effects of Bt cotton and maize on non-target invertebrates. Science 316:1475-1477.

    Duan, J. J., M. Marvier, J. Huesing, G. Dively, and Z. Y. Huang. (2008) A meta-analysis of effects of Bt crops on honey bees (Hymenoptera: Apidae). PLoS One 3(1): e1415.

  • See other associated publications:

    Wolfenbarger, L. L., S. E. Naranjo, J. G. Lundgren, R. J. Bitzer, and L. S. Watrud. (2008) Bt crop effects on functional guilds of non-target arthropods: A meta-analysis. PLoS ONE 3(5): e218.